Acoustic Threat Detection

A World Class Sense for Safety

Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD)  protects public spaces with its ability to detect gunshots. When a gunshot is heard, our cutting edge technology locates and tracks the threat. Alert your team to threats with real-time tracking information on your VMS or control system so you can make quick and informed response decisions.

What's Included

  • 25+ years of globally tried and true military grade technology
  • Gunshot and Firework Detection:
    • Gunshot Distance 150m direct view
    • Firework Distance: 50m direct view
  • Alarm to VMS:
    • Http message send by POD to VMS
    • Specific API could be developed on the production server
  • PTZ Camera Movement:
    • Direct control of the camera by the POD with ONV-IF protocol (need absolute move ONVIF camera)
    • Specific API could be developed on the production server to move camera through the VMS system

Additional Resources

Product Information

Safer communities start with smarter security. That’s why we are bringing our state of the art threat detection technology to the places where safety matters most. Whether you’re exploring downtown, learning in class, enjoying a concert, or hard at work — we know creating safe spaces for people to engage is crucial to maintaining flourishing communities. After 25 years of using our globally tried and true technology to protect the military, we want to partner with you to protect these everyday places that make up the communities we call home.

Safer With Sight

See threats from afar. With the option of having a camera attached to every sensor, you’ll never respond to a threatening situation blindly. Our agile surveillance cameras have a wide range of motion so that you never lose sight of a threat.

Solutions for Every Setting

  • Adapt cameras to any setting with a variety of mounting options.
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions available.
  • Clear images when zoomed in.
  • Extended tilt range.
  • Wide dynamic camera range allows for balanced and enhanced lighting in images.
  • Gyro sensors stabilize blurry images and detect shock when someone tampers with the camera.
  • Sharp images with true color even in low-light environments.


ATD Cameras

PTZ Camera

Single-lens cameras are available for simple security solutions.


Multi-sensor cameras are available for increased visibility.


Secure people inside with indoor cameras.

Additional Technologies


Allows you to capture crisp license plate photos day or night.


Enables the cameras to detect and locate motion, as well as communicate with each other when motion is detected.


Heat maps identify areas of high activity.


Can be detected in the event of screaming or yelling.


Identifies the sound of explosives.


Picks up on the sound of shattering glass.

Built for Your Control System

Monitor activity and receive rapid alerts to real-time tracking information through your existing VMS or ours.

Protection Any Time, Any Place

Work, relax, live, and learn worry-free with ATD.


Working safer is working smarter. Be the best in your industry and in safety. Provide your employees with a worry-free workspace for maximum productivity. Sensors can be mounted to exterior walls and light poles throughout your corporate campus.




Keep watch so your audience doesn’t have to. Keeping your venue secure from threats is the best way to ensure the show will go on. Create a safe environment for people to unwind with indoor and outdoor sensors.




Protect the city your community calls home. We know nothing takes priority over the safety of your community. Let us help you make home the safe place your community deserves. Provide protection around town with outdoor sensors. Our wide variety of mounting options will ensure no roads, side-streets, or alleys go unprotected.




Peace of mind to learn. Students and staff are the heartbeat of your school. Secure safe learning environments for them with sensors around campus. Whether you’re a K-12 school or university, ATD has a solution to keep your educators and students at ease.




Guard the technology that fuels you. Your technology is your most valuable asset. Protect your plant or substation from threats that could compromise the machines that allow you to operate with indoor and outdoor sensors.




Why Choose Acoem ATD?


You can’t be everywhere at once, but Acoem ATD can be. Give your first responders eyes and ears in the field around the clock so your community knows you are always watching out for them.


Hearing a gunshot is not enough. Our surveillance cameras give you the ability to see the threat your community is facing so that you never respond to a threatening situation blindly.


Be in the know the moment a threat arises. Acoem ATD detects and locates gunshots immediately to allow you to take control of the situation before it escalates.


Affordable, versatile, Acoem ATD has a solution for everyone. Secure public establishments of all types and sizes whether they’re indoors or outdoors.


Power your security system with military-proven protection you can depend on. With the AcoustiSense technology we’ve been using to protect service members on the combat frontlines for the last 25 years, using Acoem ATD will ensure your community is in good hands.

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