Item #
800-FLC505 Falcon Essential, Cable
800-FLC600 Falcon Smart Wireless
800-FLC605 Falcon Smart, Cable
800-FLC600-EX Falcon Smart Intrinsically Safe, Wireless
800-FLC800-B Falcon Ultimate, Wireless

The ultimate portable vibration data collector and analyzer. With a wide range of optional features available, the FALCON can be configured to perform balancing, run up coast down, frequency analysis and more.

What's Included

  • Full VGA 7″ color display unit with IP-65 rating
  • Built-in Strobe light
  • Built-in Camera (not available on Essential configuration)
  • Built-in Pyrometer with laser targeting
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Tri-Axial Sensor
  • Carrying Case
  • Power supply to FALCON
  • USB Charger for Sensor
  • Carrying Case – IP-65, high impact ABS
  • Mounting Pads

Product Information

Automatic Machine Diagnostics
Intelligent automatic diagnostics mean you don’t need any prior vibration analysis experience to know the health of your machine! After taking measurements, simply press “diagnosis” on the FALCON to view any machine faults, displayed with an associated level of confidence, and recommended next steps.

Wireless, Tri-Axial Sensor
Taking vibration measurements is fast and easy thanks to the FALCON’s wireless, intrinsically safe, tri-axial sensor. Because measurement in all three axes are taken simultaneously, readings can be completed in seconds instead of minutes.

Built in Camera, Pyrometer, and Stroboscope
The built-in camera allows you to easily capture and share machines and defects, the stroboscope is essential for identifying a machine’s exact RPM, and the laser pyrometer means you’ll know first-hand if a coupling is running hot, or worse, in danger of melting.

Intrinsically Safe and Rugged
The FALCON is ready for the harshest industrial conditions with ATEX Zone 2 certification, an IP65 dust and water protection rating, and the ability to withstand up to a 4-foot drop.


Machinery Diagnostics

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